Classic Solitaire: Idiot's Delight

This game has requires excellent planning ahead, but has no luck element, since all of the cards are visible after the first deal. This game is also known by the name of 'King Albert', after King Albert of Belgium, who was said to enjoy the game.


To build ascending suit sequences, in the foundation zone.

How to Play:

Initially there are 45 cards in the manoeuvre zone, and 7 cards in reserve, any of which can be introduced into play at any time. The purpose is to form ascending suit sequences in the foundation zone. In the manoeuvre zone, move cards to form descending alternate-color sequences. You can move only one card at any time, not sequences.

Whenever there is an empty column, any available card can be moved into it. The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation stacks.


Don't rush to bring the reserve cards into play - use them to help when you are blocked.

Empty columns can be very helpful, allowing moves which would not otherwise be possible. The left-hand manoeuvre stacks, because of their small size, are good candidates for making empty.


Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Idiot's Delight Solitaire 1

According to the strategy guide, above, it may be useful to empty one of the left-hand manoeuvre stacks. Column 1 could be emptied by moving the Jack of Diamonds onto a black Queen. This is possible through the following moves:

  • 8 of Diamonds to 9 of Clubs
  • 7 of Spades to 8 of Diamonds
  • 6 of Hearts to 7 of Spades
  • 5 of Clubs to 6 of Hearts
  • 8 of Clubs to 9 of Diamonds
  • Jack of Diamonds to Queen of Spades

Now we have our empty Column:

Idiot's Delight Solitaire 2

We could continue this strategy by emptying Column 2:

  • bring the 3 of Hearts from the reserve onto the 4 of Clubs
  • 2 of Spades onto 3 of Hearts
  • Ace of Diamonds, then 2 of Diamonds, to the foundation:

Idiot's Delight Solitaire 3

Now we have two empty columns, and are in a good position to continue.

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