Dogmelon Solitaire: Now on Android

“Will this game run on my Samsung?”

At Dogmelon we began to dread this question. It’s so frustrating to continually respond “No” to anyone with an Android phone.

Tired of this, we decided to do something about it.

We cleared our schedule, and eliminated all distractions: shut down email; took the phone off the hook; left mail to accumulate until the postman, sobbing, could not physically stuff any more letters through the slot.

Browsing funny cat videos on youtube? Forbidden.

This was serious.

Through many weeks of laser-beam focus, we managed to smash out Android versions of our two main Solitaire games.

5 Free Solitaire Games by Dogmelon (Android Free version)

27 Solitaire Games by Dogmelon (Android Paid version)


Enjoy, people!


Oh, and if you’re still looking for the iOS versions, they’re here:

5 Free Solitaire Games by Dogmelon (iOS Free version)

27 Solitaire Games by Dogmelon (iOS Paid version)