How To Win Yukon Solitaire

Yukon Solitaire is fun card game, that requires the ability to plan elaborate sequences of long moves.

It isn’t possible to win every game of Yukon Solitaire, but good players should be able to win more than 80% of all the games that they play.

To do well in Yukon Solitaire you have to work backwards. Don’t just do the first move that you see! Instead, work backwards, trying to expose the uncovered cards.

Starting with the first stack, look at the top exposed card. Then try and find another card that the exposed card can be moved onto, and then try and re-arrange the cards to make that move.

This is best shown with an example:

Suppose you are in the following situation, and want to move the 5 of Diamonds:

  • To expose the 5 of Diamonds you need a Black 6…
  • The only Black 6 is the 6 of Spades, which has a 2 of Diamonds underneath it.
  • So to expose the 6 of Spades, we need a black 3, to move the 2 of Diamonds onto…
  • The only Black 3, is the 3 of Spades, which has a 7 of Clubs underneath it.
  • So to expose the 3 of Spades, we need a red 8, to move the 7 of Clubs onto…
  • And there is a red 8 available in the 5th column.

So play would proceed as follows(After moving the Ace):

Now usually, the sequence will take longer than that. Sometimes I’ve played out sequences over 10 moves long!

You will find that some stacks can’t be exposed at this time. Either a card in the sequence is missing, or a card you need is already being used (In the example above, if the black six already had a red five underneath it, then play would be blocked, because there would be no where to move the other red five onto).

When that happens, just move onto the next stack. I find it helpful to leave my mouse cursor above the stack I’m currently analyzing. This helps me to remember which stack I am up to, which can be particularly handy if you’ve just been investigating a really long sequence.

If you cannot find any stacks that can be exposed, then it’s time to start looking for cards to free that can be moved to the foundation. Are there any cards you can move that would allow you to free an Ace?

If you follow this one tip, you should find that you can potentially win at least 80% of the Yukon Solitaire games that you play.

If you want to play some Yukon and start applying what you’ve learnt, you can play for free on Android with our 5 Free Solitaire games app.

You can play for free on Windows, Mac, and iOS too- go to our solitaire page for more information.