Hardest Freecell Deals: November 2016

I’m not usually a huge fan of FreeCell. Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy playing a solitaire game where you can see everything and it’s not dependant on luck, but sometimes it’s just a bit too easy. Once you know what you’re doing, most deals don’t offer much of a challenge.

But when I come across a hard deal- ohh boy! Suddenly I love FreeCell! I usually can’t help myself from working it out. Even if that means hours scratching my head wondering if I should keep going, undo a few moves, or just restart.

So you can imagine my excitement when we realised we could analyse the deals from Dailysol and work out the hardest deals for each month. Not by some computer trying to guess what’s hard- but by looking at the percentages of actual people trying their┬ádamnedest┬áto solve each deal.

This post is the first of many- each month we’ll bring you the hardest Freecell deal from the month before to try.


Before we get to the game, a quick warning: Our Dailysol users aren’t your average solitaire player. They are pretty serious about their solitaire, and will often persevere with difficult deals once they see someone has done it. So if they found this deal hard, you know it must be tricky!


Here it is, deal #29399. Only 54% managed to solve it. You can play right here in the browser, so why not give it a try. Good luck!



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