Why Does Dogmelon Solitaire Look Nicer?




We’re obsessed.

While you sleep, we obsess over minute details in Solitaire. We look for ways to make sure you find it as enjoyable as possible. Some things you might notice, others you might not. But it all adds up to our game just “feeling” right.

One of the things we do is to make Dogmelon Solitaire as sharp as possible, so that it’s clear and easy to see. You wouldn’t believe how much time we’ve spent on this. Over the years we’ve tried lots of different techniques to make things as crisp as we can. We’re not surprised our competitors’ games sometimes look blurry- getting it sharp on all devices can be hard work!

This is most noticeable when we zoom deeply into to some screenshots taken from a Samsung Tab A.

The first blurry 2 is taken from one of our competitors.


The second sharper 2 is taken from Dogmelon Solitaire .


Even though it’s only a small difference, it took a LONG time for us to get it that sharp. We feel it was time well spent.

Zooming back out, the difference is subtle, but surprisingly important. When you stare at something blurry, your eyes and brain work really hard to bring it into focus. But if the blurriness is part of the image itself, they literally cannot focus.

This results in eyestrain.

We have many users that have played for hundreds of hours (Some even thousands!). We think any change that leads to less eye strain is worth it when people are playing for that long!

Sometimes our obsession can lead to tough decisions…

More than 10 years ago we had some royals that we really liked. We thought were quite beautiful. They weren’t super-detailed, but screens at the time weren’t that great, so it didn’t matter.

But as time went on, screens got sharper and sharper. By the time retina screens were released, these royals were starting to look a bit blurry, so we reluctantly made the decision to take them out.

I’ve always been saddened by that decision. These royals were very well drawn, and quite elegant. But they were so blurry they just didn’t look right anymore.

Until now.

After a long wait we’ve finally gotten them redone. This time we’ve got them drawn with vector graphics. This is a fancy way of drawing that can scale to ANY size, without losing detail.

You can see the magic of vector graphics at work when we zoom in on the Queen’s head…

The old royals were quite blurry like this…

queen2 copy


But the new version looks MUCH sharper…



The best thing about the new version is that because it uses vector graphics, no matter how much better screens get, it will ALWAYS look sharp.

See what happens when I zoom in on the initial eyeball using our old version…



Now compare that to what the new version looks like!



Quite a difference, I think you’ll agree.

The first platform to get the new royals will be Android Solitaire. Here’s a screenshot showing what they look like in action in a game of Aces Up (click to see full size)…


We’ll be releasing on other platforms shortly afterwards.

We hope you like them as much as we do!

By the way, speaking of eyestrain…

While researching this article, we started to reminisce about our earliest Solitaire games. Here is how Dogmelon’s Palm Pilot version looked:

Dogmelon Solitaire on the Palm Pilot
Dogmelon Solitaire on the Palm Pilot

OK, believe it or not, this is not our earliest. Our earliest version didn’t even have color!. But if your eyes are good enough, check out the Queen of Clubs. This is what your portable solitaire looked like just fifteen years ago.

Thankfully for our eyes, we’ve all come a long way.